Expand your model set to include 24 fully adjustable vintage and modern amp tones and 33 essential effects including juicy reverbs, delays and more. Made with TubeTone® technology.

Amp Models:
Line 6 Clean 1968 Plexi Variac'd
Line 6 Mood 1993 Match D-30
1965 Double Verb 1960 Class A-15
1965 Plexi 45 Line 6 Variax Acoustic
1996 Match Chief Line 6 Class A
1960s Super O 1960 Tiny Tweed
Line 6 Agro 1973 Hiway 100
Line 6 JTS-45 1996 Brit JM Pre
2001 Zen Master 1985 Cali Crunch
1960 Two-Tone Line 6 Lunatic
L6 Modern High Gain L6 Boutique #1
Class A-30 Fawn Brit J-2000 #2

Effect Models:
Octave Fuzz Stereo Delay
Auto Swell Lux Spring
Jet Flanger Tiled Room
Auto Pan Rich Chamber
Sweep Echo Large Plate
Reverse Red Comp
Small Room Analog Chorus
Large Hall Rotary Drum
Vintage Plate Multi-Head
Blue Comp Ping Pong
Auto Wah King Spring
Bias Trem Dark Hall
Analog Delay Chamber
Bender Fassel
Chrome Chrome Custom
Throaty Conductor

Please note: Power Pack model pack comes preinstalled in many Line 6 products including POD® xt Please refer to the model pack compatibility chart for a complete list of compatible devices

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Power Pack is compatible with these Line 6 products:

POD Studio GX
POD Studio UX1
POD Studio UX2
POD Studio KB37
POD Farm Plug-in
TonePort GX
TonePort UX1
TonePort UX2
TonePort KB37
TonePort UX8
GearBox Plug-In Silver Bundle

Model packs Handbook:
Install Instructions and Model Set Details

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