The Only System that Can Be Virtually Any Rig

The integrated Line 6® Dream Rig—the combination of a James Tyler® Variax® guitar, POD® HD500 multi-effect and DT-series amp—can be the answer to any musical question. With instant access to a collection of priceless guitars, celebrated effects and legendary amplifiers, this streamlined rig helps you meet the demands of every recording session and gig, no matter how diverse.

The Dream Rig is the only system that lets you save your guitar, tuning, effects chain, signal routing and preamp/analog power amp configuration to a single preset—then recall up to 500 different rigs with the press of a footswitch.

Powered by HD technology, the Line 6 Dream Rig is the best sounding and most advanced guitar system ever made.

“As a system, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” —Craig Anderton, Harmony Central (Read review)

The Line 6 Dream Rig


“A scrapbook of all the quintessential classic guitar sounds… [James Tyler Variax] simultaneously delivers virtually limitless possibilities for the guitar tones of tomorrow.” Guitar Player (Read review)

“I love the versatility of the DT50 and its ability to be different amps. You can have a more aggressive amp or you can lighten it up a bit, or you can go straight dirty and it will really knock your socks off.” —Michael Williams (Watch video)

“With POD HD, your tone is with you wherever you go. Nine times out of ten, I’m using a POD direct to a PA system.” —Dino Cazares, Fear Factory (Read interview)

Connection Diagram